Programme Note

The subject of this work is centered around the unusual properties of the mathematical sequence discovered by Bernard Recaman. The simple “always back, if not forward” rules, when placed in a recursive mathematical sequence, causes an interesting mathematical pattern that produces both order and randomness. This sequence is often depicted using semicircle connections between each term of the sequence, which significantly visually impacted the construction of this composition.

The work utilises cyclical micro- and macro-form structures placed within a 24-EDO system all to evoke a sense of wonderous mystery that exists between what can be considered pattern versus chaos.

Recamán’s Sequence (first 1000 terms); displayed using circular geometry.

Dedication, Awards & Acknowledgements

Recamán’s Recursion was commissioned by the Royal Academy of Music for the 2020 Sound & Vision festival.


Detuned Violin, Detuned Cello, Horn, Percussion (Marimba + Triangle), Piano


Performed by the RAM King of Denmark Ensemble (2020)


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