Programme Note

Beyond the Atom (2020) is a composition that explores and presents five short movements that represent different subatomic particles that are fundamental to our universe. The first four movements, namely Quarks, Leptons, Gauge Bosons and Higgs Boson, present musical textures of varying sonorities; all rooted in their foward-moving direction. The fifth movement represents the undescovered: Gravitons. This theoretical particle has yet to be discovered and is considered the missing link needed for the famously coined “Theory of Everything”. Here, the music loses all sense of direction, time and metre, wandering in musical and extra-musical questions that have yet to be answered during the composer’s lifetime.

Programme note by the composer

Dedication, Awards & Acknowledges

This work was written for the Royal Academy of Music 2020 Composition Orchestral Workshop.


4 Horns, Percussion, 2 Harps, Piano, Celesta, Organ, Strings


Performed by: Royal Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Christopher Austin

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